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The Power of Luck
Chance opportunities happen all the time. Look for luck by paying attention to your surroundings and act on it, in a positive way.
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The Story of Johnny Aces
In a rundown casino, far off the strip...
Johnny is dealing his last hand of the night.
He overhears two old time poker players tell a tale,
 “ I hear there’s a pair of Lucky Aces a
t the old Gambling Museum, and it's in an unbreakable glass display case. 
"They will deal good luck to anyone who can get them out,
but the museum closes for good - tonight!

On a moonlit night, Johnny bluffs his way into the
Gambling Museum.
He finds the display case, but can't break the glass. 
Just then the air conditioner unit starts to spark,
and its coolant malfunctions.  
The glass display case frosts up and   
suddenly it shatters like a sheet of ice.
The alarm goes off as a hand reaches in and
grabs the deck of cards.
Johnny is quickly heading home.
His only thoughts are held tightly in his hand.
" This pair of Lucky Aces, 
will get me out of the muck I'm in."
The museum curator rushes in and sees the shattered glass 
and the deck of cards on the floor.
He picks them up and fans through the deck.
A smile comes to his face, two aces are missing.

This is The Story of Johnny Aces

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